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Dr. Steve Taubman

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Hypnosis for Anxiety

When anxiety grips you and you can’t face going into a crowded room to deliver a glass of water muchless a speech, what do you do? Dr. Steve Taubman, hypnotist and best-selling author of “Unhypnosis,” offers some great strategies (and surprises,) about anxiety.

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Out of Tune?

Author and founder of Biofield Tuning, Eileen McKusick discusses how she uses tuning forks to bring clients back “in tune” with their natural body rhythms. Woo-woo or real science? Take a listen and you’ll be surprised where the conversation goes:

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PSYCH-K® for Rapid Changes

Can't "get over it" - grief, job loss, relationships? Then this is the show for you! Karen McKy, an Internationally Certified PSYCH-K® instructor, explains how this approach can rapidly change your life. “When Dr. Bruce Lipton and founder of PSYCH-K® Rob Williams met in 1990, they truly were the missing piece for each other. Bruce had the science, but didn't know how to help people make the changes. Rob had the methodology, but didn't have any science to back it up. When they met, the world changed in that moment. We're now experiencing the beautiful and exponential compounding of that meeting.”

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The TBI Coach

Who are we when we are no longer the person before - Nathalie could no longer be a hypnotherapist, but she became so much more than that after her accident. Listen to the surprising answers when I ask her how a traumatic brain injury changed her.

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