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I love stories that can really change my mind, (in a good way…) don’t you? Over the years, I’ve found it difficult to pay attention to television, probably because I don’t need another murder, inane argument or a pill to feel better. I have a finite amount of hours in the day, so I want my “down time” to matter, which is why I suspect, you’re here. You and I want the same thing - stories that build you up, not tear you down, right?

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I love learning about the masters of the mind - hypnotists, therapists, leading edge thinkers who have much to bring to the table. I don’t want someone talking at you, I want someone talking with you.

I hope you enjoy our guests’ stories as much as I love recording them. So pop in your ear buds, brew a cup and thank you for joining the conversation. Feel free to leave your thoughts on our Facebook page HERE.


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